about us arkitektones

PROPLUSMA ARKITEKTONES is a fast growing architectural firm founded in 2006 by the architects Eugenia Manta and Michail Provelengios, and supported by several associates (architects & designers). It's head quarters are based in the capital of Greece, Athens, and its branch offices in the city of Hermoupolis (in the island of Syros).

PROPLUSMA ARKITEKTONES, after several years of work on a great array of design and construction projects in various scales and typologies, has grown to become a multidisciplinary design firm, capable of efficiently realising a wide range of projects, that extend from luxury residential complexes to cutting-edge healthcare facilities, and from corporate headquarters to rural conservation areas of historical importance.

The working experience of PROPLUSMA ARKITEKTONES indeed covers the whole spectrum of architectural design, on the basis of an accumulated comprehensive knowledge and know-how on different aspects of construction and design management.

Moreover, since the ideas of innovation and collaboration are of paramount importance in architecture and vital components of any design process, PROPLUSMA ARKITEKTONES also strive, from the pre-design phase until the final stage of a project's completion, to work together with experts from other interdisciplinary, artistic and technical fields in order to achieve the best possible outcome. In addition, given that every project, just as every client, is unique, PROPLUSMA ARKITEKTONES seek, in each particular case, to bring out the collective input of all parties involved.
In other words, PROPLUSMA ARKITEKTONES value the exchange of information with other creative minds, always working hard to strike a balance between the objective framework of each project ( e.g. its budgetary restrictions, the specific cultural and aesthetic context, the relevant urban planning limitations etc.) and the desired result.